Juice Sprayer Set

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The juice sprayer set is a must have for any kitchen. Set includes two sizes: one for bigger fruits like lemons, oranges or grapefruit's  another one for smaller fruits such as limes or tangerines! Easy to use and dishwasher safe.



  1. Tricia Lagestee


  2. Oliver Sand Hjorth Petersen

    ønsker mig 😛

  3. Eric Neketin

    Watermelon wouldnt work because it is both to large, and this works by sucking out and creating a sort of vacuum inside the fruit, lemons and oranges such and collapse to a degree, watermelons cannot, they crack. Also the way the inside of citrus fruits grow allow for this while watermelons are more solid.

  4. Dave Id

    Eric Neketin You my friend, know your melons.

  5. Danny Keeley

    Just take the top off an old spray bottle, nothing different.

  6. Amine Amrani

    must have

  7. LaLizz Fabulosa Ramirez

    I want one so bad!

  8. Tara Boley

    actually that would not work… like, at all.

  9. Ceren Bilgic

    want 1 soooooo bad it looks awesome!

  10. Ceren Bilgic

    Tara Boley , why not?

  11. Tara Boley

    because a regular old spray bottle is just a tiny little plastic tube (the part that would stick down inside). It wouldn't be able to pull any juice out from the fruit. The sprayer from this set is specially made to draw juice up out of the lemon.

  12. Danny Keeley

    Tara Boley lol this sounds like the owner of this product xD

  13. Tara Boley

    Danny Keeley hahaha nope! I've just seen pictures of what the stem part looks like. Definitely not the same as a regular spray bottle.

  14. Orchid Solang

    Wait, so this was real the whole time?

  15. Abed Amrani


  16. Abed Amrani


  17. Cathy Preston

    It says $2.99, but when you click the link for more info, it takes you to Amazon and it's $7.99.

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