Iris 9000


Ever dreamed of having a personal assistant?  Now you can feel like Tony Stark walking around your room talking to a machine and getting intelligent responses! Awesome!


  1. Ken Friend

    This would be cool until it goes all HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey on you.

    • Benjamin Shoop

      i cant let you post this ken

  2. Jean-Marcel Galloy

    I like how they just spelled "Siri" backwards and put the Space Odyssey reference on the end. Very creative..

  3. Mandy Malisha

    Iris is free on app market and not that much for full version so what exactly are you paying $60 for?

  4. Jd West

    Crap. I love this one too.

  5. Starla Patterson

    The EYE. LOL

  6. Bethan ‘Pixie’ Geary

    That thing looks evil as hell 😐 like otto from Wall-E

  7. Bálint Áts

    I am wondering… do the advertiser know 2001 Space Odyssey?

  8. Joaquim Afonso

    That movie is why im freakin scared to get this!

  9. Mark Sant

    I don't understand what I'd be paying for. As siri is already on the iPhone, are we paying £40 for a lightbulb that look simular to the HAL 9000? I suppose it links to your phone either by sound, wifi or even bluetooth and flashes in sync with siri. Unless it also changes the voice sound and pattern to sound like HAL!
    Still looks like a waste of money

  10. Sinha Empire


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