Instant Wine Chiller

Want to open a bottle of wine but forgot to stick it in the fridge? Or you just done have the room for it? If this is you then this instant wine chiller could be the thing to solve all your wine related problems! Simply pop the device in the top of any wine bottle and pour, As the wine flows through the device the inner frozen tubes cool the wine instantly giving you a nice glass of cold wine at the end! Awesome!

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  1. Alexandra Dubois

    Except you should never chill red wine…

  2. Alexandra Dubois

    Except you should never chill red wine…

  3. Sam Mummery

    Mums birthday present sorted…

  4. Dave Davie Crerar

    You can chill red wine Alexandra. In fact it improves some of them 🙂

    Back in medieval French castles how do you think red wine was served in the winter months?

  5. Classy Kassie

    But it's red wine?

  6. Susan Cooper

    neat idea!

  7. Susan Cooper

    neat idea!

  8. Rolando Chi-city White

    Need this

  9. Natassia Brow

    I was literally just saying the same thing lol.. but it's good for white 😛

  10. Danielle Ewertz

    Actually red wine is supposed to be served around 58 degrees, so it is actually chilled.

  11. John MacHale

    Red used because White won't display as well in picture. Illustration purposes.

  12. Annette Storr

    Who chills red wine!

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