Infusion Teapot

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Enjoy a deliciously brewed loose leaf tea with this awesome infusion teapot! Simply put your desired leaves into the pot with hot water and leave to steep. Once its ready place your mug underneath to release the valve and watch the clear liquid flow down while the mesh retains the leaves. Awesome!

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  1. Kyla Newland


  2. Neil Cipriano

    Sadly it's plastic . . .

  3. Alexandria Kellogg

    This is something I would Love to have. I adore green tea, which is far better in the loose leaf variety, but it's a hassle to infuse and hand drain those. I end up just using the pre-bagged stuff. With something like this you can make all kinds of herbal teas and infuse them together, you could even add fruit. Maybe someone will be really nice and get me one for my next Birthday…

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