Hello Kitty Toaster

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This Hello Kitty toaster will look super cute on your kitchen counter and toasts Kitty's face on your bread! It makes breakfast time fun for kids and is a great way to get them eating.

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  1. Lindy Browning

    So cool wish I could have it

  2. Glenn Heath

    Kady needs one of these. Unless she already has one….then she needs another one.

  3. Kady Heard

    Yes. I do need! I would eat so much more toast!

  4. Katrina Lynaé Midgette

    i died and gone to hello kitty heaven!!

  5. Brittnay Ralston

    my friend Alison Malinger needs this

  6. Jonny Spaztic

    We had one of these. Didn't do that great at imprinting hello kitty.

  7. Kathy Blue

    Tina Noneofya , Kathy lafferty Alexander Breanna and Kaylee would wants this <3

  8. Jodie Marsh

    170 quid !!!! U have got to be joking! !!

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