Hanging Tent Platform


Hang out with a friend or partner… literally! Not for the faint hearted, This hanging tent platform is great if you plan on travelling through the jungle and need to escape predators while you sleep! Awesome!



  1. Kitty Giamartino

    I'm just really curious ~ how does one get up & down from it?

    • Luke PrussiaPuppy Stiles

      you climb

    • Hanar Ahmad

      i think u can lower it with a rope or someting…
      you probs cant climb coz its not safe. :s

    • Erica Nancekivell

      a rope ladder

    • Rafaël Mindreau

      … You don't

    • Tom Kristopher Birtles

      Hanar thats why some person invented 'yolo'

    • Jacob Brush

      It was designed for rock climbing "big wall" so climbers would have a place to sleep on cliff sides that can't be climbed in a day.

  2. Sarah Hall

    I want this Raymond Hall!

  3. Amanda Schnuck-Brovey

    Maybe a hanging ladder.

  4. Kameron King


  5. Tahlia Bubbadingles Deegan


  6. Corinna Jimenez-Burtchell

    I WANT ONE!!!!

  7. Corinna Jimenez-Burtchell

    I WANT ONE!!!!

  8. Cory Allen Knowlton


  9. Galen Huntsman

    And keeps mosquitoes out.

  10. Ashley Horning

    Miranda Solideo

  11. Raymond Wong Wen Bin

    Sea Sick Inducer. Puke – Puke – Puke……

  12. Jeffery Benitez

    Hmm is that safety?

  13. Heather Kirk

    This is seriously, one of my fav. websites. It helps me dream..

  14. Samantha Ross

    I want this!!!!!

  15. Samantha Ross

    I want this!!!!!

  16. Lena K Hendrix

    I love this. I want one

  17. Reneê Hall

    Nahum, can we get one of these?

  18. Nancy Blanchard Short

    This is so cool
    Got a chair kinda like this I love it!!

  19. Jacqueline Villalobos

    I gotta have this.. were about to take camping to another level.. 😉

  20. Celeste McKenzie

    That's really cool and crazy at the same time. What if it falls?

  21. Lisa Logan


  22. Magdalene Jude Mulwa

    if the line snaps your screwed.

  23. Louise Cartledge


  24. Natalie Nicole M

    Fuck no! Too spendy

  25. Britni Mahone

    What if you and your friend were the fattest people in the world?

  26. Alisa Bęlieber Swenson


  27. Alisa Bęlieber Swenson


  28. Tbucket Fromhell

    Little secret

  29. Dan Scandals

    Just what I need when I'm travelling

  30. Alesha Carter

    If I were rich, this would so be mine!!

  31. Angela Blake

    Ultimate zombie apocalypse survival.

  32. Bradley Daniel

    i can has?

  33. Angela Blake

    Yes, you can has!

  34. Daniel Joseph Rogers

    Mountain climbers have been using these four years.

  35. Saad Khawar

    carbon fibre the string, you have no worrys

  36. Saad Khawar

    carbon fibre the string, you have no worrys

  37. Kirra Allyn Blaydes

    Random wind storm. . .

  38. Lisa Garcia

    that's what i was wondering. Jacob had best answer.

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