Handheld Bug Vacuum

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Get rid of unwanted pests around the home with this handheld bug vacuum! It creates a high-powered suction that captures the bugs quickly and easily. There's no need to worry about having to get too close; the nozzle extends leaving a large space between you and the creepy crawly!

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  1. Rose-marie Coombs

    good but far too expensive. will just have to keep squashing them

  2. Courtney Anderson

    What if the bug is bigger than the tube??? then what LOL

  3. Tymma Zuback


  4. Kelly Ann Tierney

    then you move lol

  5. Marilyn Christine

    Burn down your house?

  6. Brittney Alexandria Moore

    I'm sure you can buy another house

  7. Maria Ledger

    That spider at the other end of her vacuum seems terribly big.

  8. Carolyn Swyers Durkee

    Perfect gift for my Husband1

  9. Jackie Monjeau Padworski

    now thats what i am talking about lol……..wont need men anymore!

  10. Kathie Kozlowski

    I really want this

  11. Reno Vesco III

    A water bottle about half full with dish soap in it works well to capture stink bugs

  12. Reno Vesco III

    Dish soap and half full of water enough dish soap to turn the water a dif color

  13. Laura Marie Trindall Pankhurst

    Definitely got to get me one of these especially as I have arachnophobia and before you say lol its no laughing matter I have been in hospital before as a result of my fear so if you think it is funny you are lowlife scum.

  14. Keri Ann Boston

    Option A: Sell your house.
    Option B: Set your house on fire.
    Option C: Fight to the death.
    Option D: Kill yourself.

  15. Rhonda Robert Diamond

    A must have!

  16. Megan Topjian

    it doesnt kill them does it? ;c

  17. Chloe Bethke

    Since its kinda expensive i bet if you find some kind of top that traps he bug like in the picture, you can just put that on the end of a vacuum hose. Ooo like the top of a Gatorade bottle! its about the same size as a hole hole and then gets larger so you can trap the bug! BTW i just realized we have the vacuum that doesn't have bags so forget this idea otherwise it will be alive when you dump the stuff out.

  18. Emma Tucker

    I need this so badly!!

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