Gummy Candy Maker

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Kids will love creating their own candies with this awesome gummy candy maker! It’s fun and easy to use and includes some recipes to get you started. Try your own basic and sour gummies, gummy vitamins and even gummy energy chews! Makes fish, worm and bear shaped candies.



  1. Fernanda Trancoso Collaço

    eu preciso!!

  2. Fernanda Trancoso Collaço

    eu preciso!!

  3. Abbie Jones

    i want that this is the coolest thing ever

  4. Alex Podesta

    omg i want this

  5. Andrea Pales

    If anyone wants to buy me this for my birthday…I will love you forever

  6. Crystal Causing Morgan


  7. Sierra York

    this is so cool

  8. Robby J Wood

    Hey keyan pepper

  9. Kym-Berly Blevins Barrera

    I showed the hubs how Gummy Bears are made and he was in the Microwave Melting one in less than a minute. I may have to get him one of these. Then he can play with it, and make his own crazy flavors.

  10. Robby J Wood

    Hey this is your BFF asking you to accept the friend requate I'm using my dad's Facebook thing to talk to you love Hannah or raze berry giggles

  11. Christal HysOlladi Daniels

    I want this

  12. Nashé Sandra

    Kinda really want this

  13. Lucy Wadelin

    If I somehow get this … You will be hugged to death and will have gummy presents for the rest of your life!

  14. Ashley Kelty

    I need this in my life.

  15. Kelli Sims

    My hubby needs this

  16. Kelli Sims

    My hubby needs this

  17. Rhea Toynbee

    Want it

  18. Jonathan Jang

    I really want this xD

  19. Jonathan Jang

    I really want this xD

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