Gorilla Costume

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This costume will have your friends crying with laughter! This innovative Gorilla and Cage costume works with your bottom half inside the gorilla and your top half inside the cage so it looks like your fully in the cage with fake legs and the gorilla is carrying you around! It looks awesome!

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  1. Jaime Giudicy Meek

    lmfao gorilla suit.

  2. Jennifer Louise Elliot

    I love this!

  3. Robin Wotza Gurken Paperclipton


  4. Christina Burbo

    That's really cool.

  5. Christina Burbo

    That's really cool.

  6. Gena Froggatt

    Fantastic!! Love it

  7. Jade Perks

    pahahaha this is brilliant!

  8. Jade Perks

    pahahaha this is brilliant!

  9. Chelsea Corino

    Lmfao …. next halloween??

  10. Mario Ramos

    Where can I get that cage?

    • James Darby

      it's part of the costume…

  11. Kindra Youngblood

    Kadasen Miller halloween costune idea…….

  12. Khal D. Bingham

    I'm going to run around the zoo in that, and ask the children for help muhahahahahahaha.

  13. Sonja Harrold

    For you, scott

  14. B-rad Jones

    Does it fit people that are 4'11?

  15. Chris M Stanwood

    Rick Stevens ahahah me and you.

  16. Chaya Carney

    Dan Ben I got your Halloween presents ready!

  17. Loni Doro

    LOL Amber Hill.

  18. Amber Hill

    omg!! lmao

  19. Leola Isaacs

    Thats awesome. Want it!!

  20. Farrah Rae Tomkinson

    So want something like this for dress up day!! 🙂

  21. Brnn Nlsn


    not just halloween..

  22. Josh Smith

    Accpt my reqst

  23. Josh Smith

    Accpt my reqst

  24. Jessica Collins

    omg i would love this!!!!! i always like pulling pranks on my friends!!!

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