Giant Sticky Note Pad

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

If regular post-it's just don't cut it, grab yourself one of these giant sticky note pads! There's plenty of space for those all important notes and reminders and their large size will certainly grab peoples attention!



  1. Supurina Jackson

    Only if you get me this Emily Ann Harrod!! 🙂

  2. Dawn Jones Cmcc


  3. Katie Kendall

    Do want! lolol

  4. Anastasia Stodolski

    my entire apartment would be covered

  5. Steve Hedley

    I want these for Xmas please

  6. Kathryn Immortality

    Please give me this I need it for a very good cause I'm ganna write good notes to my friends and family members like for there birthday and moving away and I really want this cause its an awesome thing to do right I really want this

  7. ‘Veronica Harmon

    these are awesome….Who wouldn't like these???

  8. Keshawna Smith

    I want this

  9. Amber Molland-allman

    I want!!!!!

  10. Katie Lamers

    When you click more info it says 21.99 not 12.99..

  11. Ariel Pedraza

    I need this!

  12. Ashley Lynn

    I clicked it and got 10.00

  13. Tabitha Mary Cdmlpfo

    clicked got 11:99

  14. Luciana Tomasone

    Guada Honrado mira!!!!

  15. Paige Edwards


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