Floating Trampoline

This floating trampoline will have you never wanting to leave the water again! Pull off some of those high flying stunts you always dreamed of doing, while knowing you have water to break your fall. Awesome!

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  1. Viané Paris

    we should get this and charge people at the beach Jord'an Helmick Renee Coniglio Gould Shelley D Mead Helmick.

  2. Pauline Haile

    Love this omg totally fukn awesome man.

    • Pauline Haile

      Pawa Jessica Rips ShukrDennis James Michael PawaJosh Hirst Jeniffer Goldie

    • Josh Hirst

      Haha thats sick! Were can we get?

  3. Jasmine Melhop

    Sawan Hunt you could put this on the lake out the back of your place!

  4. Rochelle Conway Luff

    I think there are some of my friends who need to invest in one of these 😉

    • Rochelle Conway Luff

      Graeme Frazer Claire Krawzow Max Hartree Euan Chitty Aaron Soltoggio Jayson Soltoggio Sonia Soltoggio Shay Matich

  5. Miley Vaga

    Won't it float away?

  6. Jonathan Stephen Peers

    Oh yeah I am just going to buy this and stick it in the ocean in my back yard! Da fuq?

  7. Marissa Schlumpf

    Martyka Schlumpf

  8. Cali Bange


  9. Tom Platt

    it would be awesome, if it was maybe a 1/3 of the price.

  10. Krista VanBarriger


  11. Inga Fuller

    My son did he put a trampoline on his pontoon boat, they have a great time!!

  12. Sheila Odette Glowka

    I want one.

  13. Sheila Odette Glowka

    Luv it

  14. Maggie Dawson

    Paige Pettit Alden.

  15. Traci Ramirez

    Oh mom you HAVE to get this!

  16. Karla Price Cummings

    Looks like someone would use it………..

  17. Traci Ramirez

    i know two grandkids who would LOVE it. and we wouldn't have to drive then around in the boat all day either

  18. Tyanne Strait

    I have to get one of these before I die!

  19. Anastasia Halkias

    maybe you put an anchor thing or something like that

  20. Mariam Mutwalli

    Or. For 0 dhs

  21. Tina Robinson

    I want one

  22. Samantha Krasner

    for $1000 you could get a huge regular trampoline. If this were like only 100 dollars, that would be so awesome. On this other website, you can get it for $8 to $18.

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