Floating Ping Pong Table

Take the heated game from a sweat filled room to the coolness of a swimming pool! This floating ping pong table is a fantastic holiday accessory. Size 54″ x 27″.

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  1. Tahlia Bubbadingles Deegan

    yes 😀

  2. Sean Sterling

    that looks fun for a boring time in the pool.

  3. Cheryl Lindsay

    Chico Santana King.

  4. Carolyn Bennett Faddis

    this is just great.

  5. Kathy Ruse

    What a great idea!

  6. Linda ‘Doyle’ Mulligan

    Just need a swimming pool.

  7. Beckie Beique Reaster

    @margiecortes you and henry need one of these!!

  8. Beckie Beique Reaster


  9. Beckie Beique Reaster

    Henry Cortes

  10. Sheila Odette Glowka


  11. Karolina Harrisson

    Amanda Lindberg Röjdmark HHAHAAHA vi måste ha!

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