Fish Tank Clock

This is the ultimate house hold appliance featuring 3 different functions all in one! Its a fish tank, alarm clock and has a storage compartment! What more do you want? This fish tank clock is great for holding very small fish or great as a water feature!

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  1. Flo F.

    How big is it?

  2. Trevor Edwards

    Try and tell me that Rocco wouldn't eat the fish…

  3. Shauna Kangan

    Do you post to Australia

  4. Rheanna Lloyd

    This invention is genius! It doesn't say how big the tank is though D:

  5. Robbie Campbell

    I might get this.

  6. Denise Fitzgerald

    Yes we have 1 and it's great. Not necessarlily good for real fish as after a few months the filter stopped

  7. Kelly Townsend

    This isn't big enough for any size of fish, no matter how small. One of the photo's of this tank showed 2 goldfish in it, this is far too small for goldfish. So in my opinion this is cruel.

  8. Kelly Townsend

    keep with plastic fish, this is all its good for.

  9. Daniel Nordin

    The water stored in the fish tank can be running circularly that fresh air can be provided for the fishes living in the fish tank.
    Hold about 1.5L of water.

    Item size: 24 * 20 * 9.7cm
    Item wight: 958g
    Package size: 27.5 * 21 * 13.5cm
    Note: the moving water is powered by USB power. It will be running after you connecting the USB cable to PC.
    COLOR: White.

    Next time press more info to read more about it….

  10. Sara Balmbra

    Pretty cool. It's the first thing I've found on this site that has a fair price for the object.

    Might be a slight pain in the arse to clean the fish tank, though.

  11. Bliss McCaw

    Steph Bacon

  12. HeavenSent Dsolo

    i was thin the same

  13. Lewis William Marsh

    Daniel Nordin so its 2ft long?

  14. Sarah-lea McCallum

    Love the idea of this.x

  15. Gabrielle Wertzbaugher

    Its not very big, I wouldn't keep anything but guppy sized fish in it. Also you can get it on amazon for $20 and it has bad reviews, plenty of breaking parts… imho fun idea but poorly (china) executed…

  16. Nina Marcos

    Martha Maqueira para alex

  17. Devyn Hunter


  18. Gina Raquel

    I would feel so bad for those fish when the alarm goes off. cool for an office though…. kinda, I wouldn't put fish, just have an aquatic display.

  19. Luciean Oscar Cocking

    Awesome i can put my robofish in there..

  20. Jacora Horan

    But when the alarm goes off won't it scare the fish to death????

  21. William Scuba Shawcross

    Put a robo fish thing in there like the, hex bugs you can buy.

  22. Isaac Johnson


  23. Jordan Forster

    or a water feature

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