Face And Arse Soap

No more cleaning your face with the same bar as the previous shower user just washed their arse with! Now you can wash your face and arse with two seperate bars and never get them mixed up! Awesome!



  1. Amy Fields Harness

    Oh yes, for Jesse Harness and Stephan Harness. I KNOW you would appreciate this. Especially you, Jess.

  2. Amy Fields Harness

    Oh yes, for Jesse Harness and Stephan Harness. I KNOW you would appreciate this. Especially you, Jess.

  3. Freeda Green

    Phil Higgins needs this! xx

    • Freeda Green

      What you saying Phil Higgins????? xxxxxxxx

  4. David Small


  5. Daniel Miller

    Finally, a solution.

  6. Laura Anne Robinson


  7. Annette Boudjaklian


  8. Meca Thecosmic-Star


  9. Rose Lane


  10. Andy Grevitt


  11. Andy Grevitt


  12. Shelley Wright


  13. Harry Loserpants

    good idea

  14. Mark Cutforth

    Why didn't I think of that? LMAO

    • Sharon Petherick


  15. Trisha Stewart

    eewwww, don't mix them up.

  16. Trisha Stewart

    eewwww, don't mix them up.

  17. Sally Gough


  18. Katy J.A.

    I would hope that people would already be using the soap directly applied to a clean washcloth every time they shower or bathe.. if done in this manner and washing the arse with a separate cloth and not applying the soap directly to their nasty arse, and putting soap directly to a clean cloth that is separate from their other cloth they used on their face.. This is a cool idea, yet not necessary if people use two cloths, one for their face and one for their body, and apply the soap directly to the clean cloths, this would not be necessary.. O.o.. As well.. I would hope people did not use the same soap as others.. I would hope that everyone in a household would have their own personal hygiene products and not sharing their soap with others.. O.o.. ewwwww

  19. Katy J.A.

    Two separate Face and Arse washcloth's would serve a better purpose..

  20. Monica Marroquin

    Hope people don't forget and wash their face with their ass, lol

  21. TaKeiah Biddix

    arse? what is that?

    • Janay Alyse Neal

      brittish way of saying ass

    • Mary Miller

      ur bootay. lol

    • Celine McDonald

      Irish way of saying ass, actually…

  22. Raymond Borger

    I don't rub a bar of soap on my face or my ass so this is useless.

  23. Chastity Marie Embick

    I don't use a bar of soap to wash my face. I use noxzema lol.

  24. Brittany Nicole Contrera

    Lmao this is funny. Does it smell good? Lol

  25. Kim Moriarty

    Tel cooper

  26. Sara Hopwood


  27. Ailsa Mcgibney

    this is you share a bathroom or soap which you shouldn't though.

  28. Christine Mcneill

    lol Lachlan got one of them as a joke present bout 7 years ago

  29. Donna Ridgeway

    how's bout an arse and face towel? lol

  30. Petra StudioGigi


  31. Sara Balmbra

    Or you could just wash your bar of soap before and after use rather than labelling a side…

    £1.99 for a bar of bloody soap… Ha!

  32. Sara Balmbra

    Can't agree more.

  33. Akeem Dwayne Ralph Noel

    so hada get this, no more mistakes.

  34. Gregor Mendo

    That's a pretty wide crack to fit this bar just right you would think someone might use the side & share a little of both worlds on the Farse side of things.

  35. Asia D Lo

    rofl The Cripple of Inishmaan.."I'm daniel radcliffe!"

  36. Serite Ross

    dammit! thanks for the reminder.

  37. Serite Ross

    all you have to do is carve face and ass into you soap in big bold letters.

  38. Ineke Visser

    O yeah and what am i suppose to wash my …with

  39. Renpen Nonya

    funny but really who would use this??

  40. Mark Luttrell

    Don't f'get ta FLIP IT !

  41. Linda N Geoff Eyles

    For those who dont know the difference.!!

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