Emergency Charger

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Never run out of battery again when you're out an about with this handy emergency charger! The sleek, small design fits perfectly in your pocket or handbag. It is compatible with most mobile devices and includes all the connections needed. Available in a variety of colors.

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  1. Hansa Hussain

    Bought this

  2. Christopher Collie

    does it work well?

  3. James Morin

    does it work with laptops.

  4. Sophie Ève Charron

    Y m'en faudrait un live!

  5. Dan The-man

    how r u suppost to buy them? it doesnt have a shopping cart to add them to… :/

  6. Kirstie Gull

    How do you purchase from this site?

  7. Jerel Isturis

    if u press the "more info" button u will be directed to amazon..there you can purchase items here

  8. Arianna Dewing

    You have to click more info and it will take you to a different site to buy the item.

  9. Matt Dunn

    How's it working so far?

  10. America Toscano

    Amazon has a different price!!

  11. Hansa Hussain

    Its really good it hasnt stopped working since i bought this i would reccomend

  12. Kaila Fennell

    Can You Recharge it??

  13. Mario Ouimet

    Sa dit pas si c'est réétulissable

  14. Linda P Harle

    On amazonfor the iphone 4 4s it's this price but the iphone 5 range are £35

  15. Debra Driggers

    Dose this work for android

  16. Mehrnoosh Shabdiz


  17. Lilly Philbrick


  18. Tara Ferguson

    I bought this used it last nite for the first charged my android galaxy s3 fully…..takes the same amount of time as a wall charger. Im very happy with it. I got the purple color on eBay for $14 NIB

  19. Hansa Hussain

    It is really good still works i use it nearly everyday so happy i bought it

  20. Anthony Hughes

    works for anything that takes usb ilove it. it works perfectly

  21. Brianna Murphy

    dose it work with iphone5s plzzzz tell me!!!!!! 🙁

  22. Alaap Sikander

    it does…u just need to have a USB cord. 🙂

  23. Mia Foster

    How long does it last

  24. Merrissa Barr

    How does it work like do you charge it and its like a battery

  25. Wendy Barton

    Yes you can recharge it. It works with any phone.

  26. Panda Lopez


  27. Marc Alaniz


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