It’s crazy to think how quickly things have evolved in recent years, particularly when it comes to technology. It’s actually quite sad that many of today’s teenagers and kids have no clue what the world was like before smartphones, google and Netflix. You see toddlers that have mastered using an Iphone before they can even read and write. It really is mind blowing. This is a post for those who yearn for the good old times, inconveniences included. Take a look and prepare to feel nostalgic!
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Oh, the frustration!

Every family had the designated aerial adjuster…

Praying damn hard!

But twiddling with the cord was ever so fun.

It’s a huge shame how many people simply take photos on their smartphones and never print out copies.

Limewire was so good back in the day.

You could usually win the fight by pretending that you had homework to do.

We really hope tamagotchis make a come back at some point.

What a hardship…

And, it hurt way more than you’d expect!

Remember the days of renting DVDs?

You cant beat old school gaming.

And then having to manually close every single one!

Some of the students of today wouldn’t be able to cope with this.

We never thought we’d see the day where we miss having to manually rewind a VHS. Our world today is all about convenience, which is great and all but the products and services available really do encourage people to be lazy. Kids today want the flashiest toys which often come with a hefty price tag, whereas we were happy with a tamagotchi or two. It’s important to remain humble in life even though times are continuously changing. Keep going too see more inconveniences from the past you strangely miss!

The most important phone number to remember was your crush…

We had forgotten all about these!

Netflix and chill was not yet born…

We would prefer a hand written note over a text any day.

Google was not around to tell you lyrics!

And to think now all we do is push a button or tap a screen.

You just hoped you wouldn’t die in your current session. 

Hanging up when angry was the best on a flip phone, so satisfying. 

It was an art to be mastered!

This is one thing we definitely don’t miss!

Good, old fashioned using your legs to get places.

The struggle was real!


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