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Dual Temperature Mattress


If you suffer with icicle feet in bed while your partner's skin feels hotter than the sun then you both need this dual temperature mattress topper! It features dual zone control so you can warm your side up or cool it down to suit your needs!


  1. Emma Willis

    That is soo ridiculously expensive! You can buy one of those over here in England for £30 odd. Wow…

  2. Jessie Marie Bateman

    I have sovled the over heating in bed problem buy one of theses 🙂 and someone should buy me one 🙂

  3. Katie McPeachy

    Raymond Paterson we need this!!

  4. Hayley Cockrill

    OMG I need this !!!

  5. Christina Whitaker

    me and steve SSSOOOOOOO need this! he always got the heater on his side of the bed while im sweatin with the fan on on my side….

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