Cake Pop Maker

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Make up to 7 doughnut balls in minutes, easy to clean thanks to its non stick coated plates. Tasty recipes included! Awesome.



  1. Cory Allen Knowlton

    Not bad

  2. Kyla Heary

    I have this

    • Melissa Kaba

      Can I get the recipe?

  3. Melissa Kaba

    Kyla, can I get this recipe from you? Melissa Kaba

  4. Gail Williams

    When I click on More Info it doesn't give me anything. Is there another way to get this information to buy this. Thank you.

    • Kia MsInternational McCullough

      I found a lot of the items on Amazon

  5. Claudia Jesse Frier


  6. Latwanda Manson

    its on

  7. Peter David Phoomahal Jr

    Guessing this entire website is just an gateway?

  8. Scott Whitfield

    Sofi Mitchell

  9. Marqueshia J’Nae Takemeasiam

    I want

  10. Evie Anderson

    Ellie Hutchinson xx.

  11. Mary Bied Metz

    Kimmie ?

  12. Tricia Trotman

    Georgie, saw this and thought of you 🙂

  13. Tricia Trotman


  14. Diane Tovar-MacDonald

    For Sophie

  15. Stormet Sampson

    I want one of these!!!

  16. Sårå ŘØxy

    I have this on my kitchen 😀 haha

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