Digital Measuring Jug

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This digital measuring jug is a  must have for any serious cook, not only can it calculate the weight of liquids but also dry ingredients and convert it to volume. Available in a variety of different colors!

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  1. DeeAnn Wall Leu


  2. Daisy Hollands

    because reading the measurements is to main stream.

  3. Krystal Paul

    easier than going at eye level.

  4. Alexandria Harwood

    My question is, Can you wash it?

  5. Melissa Schabel Friedrichsen

    That's cool!

  6. Ishma D. Harford

    This is sexy, and seems useful.

  7. Charmaine Andrews

    Like it.

  8. Robert Jorgenson

    The items on amazon dont look as good..

  9. Whitney Howard

    I think I have an idea for my moms Christmas present…

  10. Leea Tooley

    Some people may not have the best eyesight and prefer this…

  11. Ashley Barnett

    i want

  12. Sorted Impurity

    I need to order this cup

  13. Jennifer Anne Melchiorre

    But it's not at the 2 even…

  14. Shaniece Weekes

    The cup does not say 2 cups. It's says 1 and a half

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