Defusable Bomb Alarm Clock

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

This alarm clock will certainly get you out of bed in the morning! When the alarm goes off, you must defuse the bomb to stop the noise! A great novelty gift idea.



  1. Nikki Kay

    think i can travel with this clock??

  2. Klem Quiñones


  3. Alexx Roarr Charette

    I'd wish to see the postman delivering this!

  4. Brogan Murphy


  5. Roy Haskins

    will it get delivered

  6. Bobby Ludy


  7. Mat Chew Tyson

    I want one

  8. Mat Chew Tyson

    I want one

  9. Wayne Davison

    How much are they? I could make one of them lol

  10. Eddie Brito

    If you buy it and ship it to a friend without telling them first they might be in for a scare. LOL

  11. Jaime Treadwell

    I need this!

  12. Justin Whiting

    Can I take it on a plane?

  13. Phillip Lee Berry Jr.

    This is awesome!

  14. Trevor EmoCasper Austin

    YEAH good luck with delivering that one!~

  15. Jessica Rogers

    How would this not get destroyed in the mail by the bomb squad??!!

  16. Leon Brogan


  17. Nobel Saddington

    This is a great idea

  18. Jared Scott Payne

    Lmao best comment ever

  19. Jared Scott Payne

    Lmao best comment ever

  20. App Pop Shmere

    Ha I love the idea

  21. Jeroen van Workum

    Is this Afghan quality?
    Will it work for Empire State Building?
    I have some plans

  22. Chris Haguewood

    Love it…..going on my Christmas list!

  23. Sinha Empire

    Reminds me of the Palestinian alarm clock from Family Guy lol

  24. Nathaniel Fang

    Renee Louise Labelle lets goooooooooooooooooo

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