Crayon Dress

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Stand out at the party wearing one of these colorful crayon dresses! Available in a wide variety of colors. Get your friends involved and go as a 'pack' of crayons! Includes a hat to form the crayon tip.



  1. Sarina Strang

    Adrianne Strang, I just found your halloween costume!

  2. Sue Shinnick

    For you jess

  3. Janice Cook

    Only $ 22.99 and you too can dress up like a Crayola color…

  4. Jessi Styles

    Hayleigh Goes Meow

  5. Chanelle Biersack

    Jenie Villarreal found it!
    Mya Too'Kutee Shackleford

  6. Mindblown


  7. Racheal Boxall

    robbie boxall

  8. Don N Corinne Woods

    Cassandra's bride's maids dresses

  9. Don N Corinne Woods

    Cassandra Woods , Dad found your Bride's maid dresses.

  10. Cassandra Woods

    I like the hats… that's it…

  11. Kelly G. Walker

    A good idea for costume party in October.

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