Convertible Futon Chair


Add some stylish chic to your home with one of these convertible futon chairs! It's a chair by day, and a bed by night! Handy to use when you have guests staying. Available in a variety of awesome colors and sizes.



  1. Dila Rahim

    How to buy.. price?

  2. Chris Massruha

    hey why didnt i think of this

  3. Meggles McCat

    click 'more info' duhh

  4. Cherry Walker

    Meggles McCat When I click more info I get an SSL error msg.

  5. Melissa Jean Rankin Daily

    I want this!! Perfect for quality floor time!

  6. Kayla Ann Moschina

    I want two of these. YES.

  7. Tasos Papazahariou

    Pls someone buy this for me. :'(

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