Circus Shapes Waffle Maker

Here's a great way to put more fun into breakfast – make waffles in circus shapes. Your kids will enjoy eating a lion, an elephant or a clown. The non-stick surface is easy to use and easy to clean. Awesome!



  1. Trudy Mummert Collage

    oh I am so going to have to get this for preston.. he loves his animals. =]

  2. Dee Saunders

    I want one please Anita Jane Hazel.

  3. Keema Denise Agar


  4. Christie Wong

    very nice 🙂 I guess I need to make the batter then… which I don't know how to… help?

    • Lori Stano

      1 word, BISQUICK

  5. Nora Goetz

    Our Brooke would love to have this!

    • Ashlee Danielle Stenson

      Giraffe waffles! ♡ it!

  6. Johanna Lillback Os Hietanen

    want to wanna =).

  7. Jayden John Michael Clarke

    I want one, JJ would love it

  8. Elizabeth Mullany Lange

    Cute idea!

  9. Elizabeth Mullany Lange

    Cute idea!

  10. Matty Lech

    go to costco, buy the giant bag of pancake mix (its a duo mix for pancakes and waffles). On the back it tells you how to make the waffle mix.

  11. Biz Thedrummer

    a giraffe? in a circus? FUCK THAT

  12. Biz Thedrummer

    awesome inventions wernae keen, they took awa my ability to write pish in their comments bit.But still advertise on my feed every hour or so.They hae some cool stuff, stuff that you will adore for five minutes then store in a cupboard or the attic for years.

  13. Wendi Reed


  14. Wendi Reed

    Danica Dever

  15. Danica Diane Dever

  16. Danica Diane Dever

  17. Micki Sweet-Pea Vanover

    Cute Idea.

  18. Ashley Barnett

    lamir would love this

  19. Emily Covington

    ok these are kute

  20. Sammantha Mariee Mendieta


  21. Nicole Holt

    Click on "more info", which should lead you to Amazon, where it's sold. If that doesn't work, go to Amazon and type in the exact name as it's on this website. Should pop right up.

  22. Cristian Castro Cortés

    Great idea, love it! 😀

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