Circular Pizza Saw


When it comes to cutting pizza its serious business! So you'll need a serious tool for the job. Introducing this pizza circular saw! It's built from tough engineering-grade plastics and the laser etched stainless steel blade has a removable shield for easy clean up.



  1. Chris Obringer

    wonder if this is made in USA or some place else?

  2. JayQuan Coopwood

    I can just imagine an heavy set man coming home after a long day of work and whipping this out and showing us all how to slice that dough and cheese up lol

  3. Amber Bambie Davis

    my dad would so want this.

  4. Jackie D Bundrick

    THIS is the BEST thing ive ever seen.

  5. Toruk Macto


  6. Beverly Miller

    Seppie White

  7. Hannah Hansen

    Pati you gotta get Max one of these!

  8. Megan Baker

    Barry Anderson Totally something you need, right? XD

  9. Scott Steinheiser

    cut me a slice", xtra cheese!

  10. Joshua Drakes


  11. Saaxton Zeka

    I bought one of these. It now sits in a drawer unused because we quickly found out that if you use it on a pizza with lots of toppings it mucks up the works and ends up dragging toppings and cheese across the pizza, creating a big mess. Great for thinner pizzas maybe, but we're all supreme pizza lovers.

  12. Stephanie Niski Strausser


  13. Kal Di Fornis

    where is the little man for use that….. not all inclusive.

  14. Tanya Lord

    This is class!!!!

  15. Kimberly Babor

    I wonder if I would cut myself to ribbons cleaning it????????

  16. Amy NothingMore

    you can add the topping after you cut it. that's how i'mm doing.

  17. Amy NothingMore

    you can add the topping after you cut it. that's how i'mm doing.

  18. Mirza Hernandez

    I don't like it at all, I did not even give it away it went in the garbage.

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