Cat End Pencil Sharpener

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You'll be laughing to yourself every time you use this hilarious cat end pencil sharpener! When you sharpen your pencil, it lets out a 'meow'! Comes complete with a litter tray to collect the pencil shavings. It makes a funny gift for anyone with a sense of humor!

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  1. Julia Delaney

    Is it wrong that I REALLY want this?

  2. Diana Lou P. Gosamo

    I'd order this if they can ship to the PH.. XD

  3. Georgie Porgie

    any woman design of this? 😉

  4. Amanda Foster Knotts

    haha wow

  5. Laura Burford

    Phoebe's part time job

  6. Takfarinas Nines Hemmaz


  7. Никола Крстић

    I found this very interesting …

  8. Robert Ashmore


  9. App Pop Shmere

    My Uncle use to say " you hold the tail while i f#@:-) it in the @$$"

  10. Mona A. Hiyari

    Amy Redfern-Pattison Chelsey Wright

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