Bike Lane Light


Two highly visible lasers provide lane markers on the road, 5 very bright red LED’s that provides side and rear visibility at almost 1 mile away!


  1. Kerry Gilbraith

    The entire United States and don't forget Hawaii. You cannot ride your bike on the sidewalk anywhere in America.

  2. Nusarrat Shaikh

    its portable with motor bikes hell yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Arjen Zijlstra

  4. Alan Lancaster

    Where I live (Melbourne) it's illegal to ride on sidewalks if your over the age of 12, unless your a parent with your child.

    There are also quite a few bike lanes/trails, so your not riding on the road all the time. Vehicles also legally have to avoid cyclists by 1 m.

  5. Anthony Lenzo

    Not all cities allow bicycles to right on. Actually there some places now that have bike lanes that on the road.

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