Beer For Dogs


You go through the ups and downs in life with your pooch so why not crack open a bottle with them when the times right! This beer for dogs is non-alcoholic and non-carbonated. Made completely from scratch!

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  1. Sarah Erthal

    Katy O'Hara you should get these for Miss. Ziggy!

  2. Dawn Haydon


  3. Freeda Green

    Geooooooorrrrrrgggggggeeeeeeee! xx

  4. Shanelle Caveda

    Look for vinny

  5. Shanelle Caveda

    Look for vinny

    • Shanelle Caveda

      Gus Caveda

    • Gus Caveda

      LOL, Yeah he would LOVE that…

  6. Shelley Bailey

    Love this aw how cool!!

  7. Cerys Martin

    my dug will get drunk haha.

  8. Morgan Nilsson

    this will I buy to my dog.

  9. Kathy M Venable

    My dog would go for the alcohol!

  10. Rebecca Chance

    I should get this for Sophie

  11. Chastity Marie Embick

    Go home dog, you're drunk.

  12. LeAnne Parker

    My cat needs this!

    • LeAnne Parker

      Matthew Fitch we need to buy boo a case of these!

  13. Germantas Citavicius

    over non alcoholic beer ?

  14. Daniel A Maclean

    Beer for giant dogs

  15. David Seibert Sr.

    What's the point?

  16. Zach Burkitt

    To freak people out?

  17. Ceci King


  18. Ceci King

  19. Samantha Walden

    Kurt David Walden Jr you should get this for buddy.

  20. Allison Strong

    Ian Cote juliet told me she wanted this.

  21. Autumn Sky Brown

    personally i would buy this because my dog actually does steal our alcoholic drinks, never steals any other drinks only the alcoholic ones lol so maybe he would like this? it would save him from getting sick from human alcohol? im not entirely sure i would have to look at the ingredients to figure out wtf the difference is

  22. Jose Miguel Ochoa

    i want it 4 my doge

  23. Candido Maisonave

    I wanna try doggy beer!! I love my beer

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