Batman Booster Seat

Let the caped crusader protect your baby while your driving! Easy to strap baby in and out again thanks to its latch push connecting system. Belts are padded for extra comfort. Seat also features a dual cup holder! Awesome!



  1. Sue Mills

    caroline jack would love this lmao.

  2. Anne Clarkson

    Helen Davis james would love this!

  3. Tonya Seidenstucker Sloan

    Whitney Rae Seidenstucker Justin Seidenstucker.

  4. Barbara Ann Anderson Thompson

    Krissy Metclaf Lewis.

  5. Michelle Clara

    My peep would love this! Look it mami! Mayra pero mi boo boo ya casi esta muy grande! 🙁

  6. Ellen Warner

    This is great I was just wondering if this is a free standing booster or if it has a strap for the bolt to clip into?

  7. Victoria Holland-Oakes

    @hollie messager

  8. Hollie Messenger

    That's the one Ross wants to get for his car :L xx

  9. Zacary Eric Carter

    You'll be able to know how Robin felt in the Batmobile at all times… Is that the seat belt poking me?

  10. Tara Owens

    Omg yes

  11. Lindsey Doane

    Getting this for Freddy lol

  12. Dani Johnston

    I cant get the more info page to load =(.

  13. AndrewandKelly Hart

    here you go ThomasandStephani Rogers, a NaNa seat for Cohen when you are ready to turn him around. Lol

  14. ThomasandStephani Rogers

    Yea we saw that…if only I could get over rear facing…our rear facing goes to 40 pounds so I may keep waiting…love this though!

  15. Kieran ‘Bigflump’ Wynne

    Dean McKay

  16. Kayleigh Marchant

    Michelle Sheppard I just might have to get this lol x.

  17. Sandra Walker

    wish I could get this for hunta Jessica Walker.

  18. Paula Cook


  19. Caitlyn Mitchell

    Do you ship to Australia?? This is fantastic.

  20. Leannie Skarlettsmummy Pearce


  21. Aaron Smith

    Need to buy this immediately

  22. Keiva Young

    Will it come in Iron Man? I can wait two years 😉

  23. Melissa Rincon

    This is so cool! Luv this for my baby

  24. Mykee Huntley

    justus laird

  25. Mackenzie Marie

    Yeah……. we all know that I am going to buy this rofl. Paul needs this after all

  26. RfOne Mendezo

    where do u get this from? ill buy one asap!!!!!!

  27. Kris Burgess


  28. Clarissa Vargas


  29. Sue Byrne

    Do you have it in Superman, also a princess one

  30. Autumn Emerald Cooper

    Make it cheaper and I'll be all over it lol

  31. Autumn Emerald Cooper

    Make it cheaper and I'll be all over it lol

  32. Carol Lee

    Have it. Its awsome!!

  33. Carol Lee

    Smyths have it

  34. Lorraine Mcilwraith

    My son would love this

  35. Lorraine Mcilwraith

    My son would love this

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