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Baseball Glove Chair


This awesome baseball glove chair is a must-have for serious baseball fans! It’s been hand crafted by a master glove craftsman and can even be customized! Perfect for your games room! Made from leather.


  1. Angela Renée Fantroy

    Kirstyn Holehan Travis Holehan

  2. Kevin Kirby

    i want on of these

  3. Linda Henderson

    Too cute

  4. Celeste Rodriguez

    6 thousand really? for a stupid chair

  5. Emila Kromplewska

    way to expensive!

  6. Courtney Jade Huggan

    Who would pay 6 grand for a chair? You guys have to cut down these prices if you want people to buy your products

  7. Sergio Mtz

    It better come with season tickets for $6k. Crazy

  8. Sergio Mtz

    It better come with season tickets for $6k. Crazy

  9. Candice Fitch Johnson

    For Adam….

  10. Carla Gelone-Casella

    WHAT! 6 grand! thats CraazzY

  11. Carla Gelone-Casella

    Ant Casella look at this chair- and its only 6 grand lol

  12. Rozzi YH

    @donia not expensive at all

  13. Rozzi YH

    @donia not expensive at all

  14. Chastity Marie Embick

    My cat would destroy this in a matter of seconds. 6 grand is insane

  15. Sara Hassan

    Its cheaper now on amazon but its still too high 😛

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