Audio Light Bulb

Experience music in your home like never before with these audio light bulbs! They fit into any screw socket whether it's within the ceiling or a lamp. Uses wireless bluetooth technology to play all your favorite tunes . It's also fully functional as an energy efficient light bulb that lasts for years.

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  1. Janey Peugh


  2. Thomas Christensen

    Would love it if it is also 220 volt

  3. Daniella Rose-maire Ellis

    i want it

  4. Wallace Jay

    Need one in my life!

  5. Wallace Jay

    Need one in my life!

  6. Nate Forman

    i want one!!

  7. Jamie Thornton-Shuebrook

    I want one for each room!!!

  8. Briana Needler

    omafrakingerd!! dat. is. a. beautiful. creationnnn!!!

  9. Rakiya Smith


  10. Norbert Grundy

    Does it really work, and if so, what's the sound quality?

  11. Kyle Shaw

    Gotta get one for singing in the shower!!! Lol

  12. Satyam Ramphal

    can u use more than one at the same time

  13. Andrew Fairbairn

    They look good but I'll stick to ny bose sousoun d link 3 wuth base lick no other

  14. Caius Goldsmith


  15. Nathan Lane

    This could be so awesome, according to the reviews I read it really sucks right now the sound quality especially so a company like Bose or Harman Kardon needs to redesign this concept and make it badass then a company like Sony or JVC should try to copy it so people like me can afford one!!

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