Aqua Table

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

The aqua table is the table of all floating tables! Featuring a large cooling department with a drainage port, built in cup holders for every seat and an anchor bag to keep you in place if you don't want to float all over the place! Awesome!

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  1. Will Lipford

    This is awesome.

  2. Denise Cesaro

    I'm ordering

  3. Tiffany Wilson

    Totally want this

  4. Lizzy Nicole Herring


  5. Jessica Gaskarth

    What's the point in this? why don't you just sit at a regular table?

    • James Krick

      because regular tables don't float..

  6. Julie GiGi Poole

    so need this for my pool.

  7. Jorna Begum

    haha anything that goes in the pool will pop eventually- I won't spend more than a tenner on anything for it!

  8. Sam Koss

    how much is this? When I hit more Info. it says page will not load.

  9. Dianne Geibel


  10. Jessica Crowley

    Why dont you just get out of the water?

  11. Dana Bell

    We need thisss!!! lol

  12. Danielle Jean Staples-Libby

    I like it but not the price….. 🙁

  13. Jenski Slommers

    $263 on Amazon.

  14. Charlie Wood

    what happens if you get a fat person on the other side?

  15. Stacey Marie Parenti


  16. Nathan Kissmywhiteass Taylor

    good idea, bad price

  17. Jeffrey Guo

    Jessica Crowley Because land is for mammals. We are narwhals.

  18. Colora Rodriguez-Vargas

    Wipe Iv been looking for something like this. Finallly!!!!

  19. Briana Morgan Ussher

    best thing ever!

  20. Georgiana Slevin


  21. Nikki Secrist

    Amber Clingan Fierst, Crystal Snyder….sml???

  22. Jayley Fernandez

    i have it in my moms house and it is awsome

  23. Marc Blair

    Jennifer Morgan

  24. Marc Blair

    Jennifer Morgan

  25. Tiffany Cameron

    floating made easy.

  26. Sam Hendershott

    Florida friends

  27. Craig Olson


  28. Marcelo Magalhães

    is there a way to anchor this float?

  29. Kyriaki X Gavriel


  30. Dana Montesa Apuad


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