Acoustic Guitar Key

Acoustic guitar home key makes it a must have for any serious musician! Rock On!

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  1. Adzrul Aini Zahari

    Adi Ansari do u have?

  2. Jan Carlyle

    how cool

    • Daniella Carlyle-Byford

      so funny i have one of these…. ha ha

  3. Denise Killen

    What to get the musician friends in your life!

  4. Tracey DontknowwhoIamanymore Brader

    that's someones pressie sorted.

  5. Rusty Dane

    Jason Scott Hook, thought of you as soon as I saw this lol.

  6. Susan Ryder Wright

    U need one of these Bud Sturgeon.

  7. Rhiannon Batten

    Do you deliver to the UK?

    • Meg Ryan

      they should do there a london based company lol they source these products from other companies and can give discounts

  8. Tyree TnTydynamite Green

    Want this @scherrie anita?

    • Tyree TnTydynamite Green

      Scherrie Anita it didn't tag you

  9. Kelmin Roberto Molina

    Gibson les Paul key that's what I would like

    • Christi Van Nuys Thomas

      They might have that one. Our hardware store in Portland Oregon "Moreland Hardware" has all kinds.

  10. Darshana Sharma

    willl we get this in india.

  11. Rosa Lopez

    I know someone who would dig this… Justin Z

  12. Tsarina Setz

    I cant seem to buy anything from this awesomeinventions site? is it because I'm in Australia? HELP PLEASE? so much I want from this site….arghhh.

  13. Dreama Collins

    I know a few people who would like this.

    • Rick West

      I'm on it ..thanks 🙁

    • Rick West

      ops 🙂

  14. Dreama Collins

    I know a few people who would like this.

  15. Sanchita Shah


  16. Carmen Kaw

    Lawrence Lim, they DO have this!

  17. TerryLynn Tinsley

    I love this idea but I see they only deliver in the US I am in Canada.

  18. Dice Hiemstra

    Hier is ie dus….

  19. Carl Wilson

    the more info says $7.99.

  20. Elizabeth Elliott


  21. Kathy Scanlon Davis

    Why does it say $3.95 when it really is $7.95?

    • Kellirae Boann

      I have one of these!! They had an electric one, too. I showed EP.

    • Kathy Scanlon Davis

      SO cool! I was reading the reviews and some said they don't work well.

  22. Jenni Higgerson

    OMG I want one!

  23. Cheryl Spencer

    I have been trying to buy this key, but I can't seem to buy anything off of this site. Suggestions anyone?

  24. Sheila Owens

    Fathers day 🙂

  25. Cletis Carr

    amazon says they can't ship this overseas. any options? thx.

    • Doug Boyd

      I'm heading over in late July….want me to pick one up for you?

    • Deidre Morgan

      I want one!

    • Chris Knight

      If it comes tuned to Keef's open G, I'm in.

  26. Paulina Veleta Ramsey

    They have these at Wal-mart, along with a bunch of other cool looking keys.

  27. Kathie McNulty Acosta

    Help! the link is no good!

  28. Rebecca Louise Clarke

    Can u ship to U.K please. x

  29. Alex Kenté

    Those are at home depot.

  30. TAylor Hawkins

    paaaaaaaauuuuse: how would this even work in a door? is it just a fake key?

  31. Anthony Asciak

    Just like any brand new key, you take it somewhere to get it cut to fit your locks =)

  32. Anthony Asciak

    Just like any brand new key, you take it somewhere to get it cut to fit your locks =)

  33. Kevin Fisher

    Buy Similar at Lowe's orThe Home Depot.

  34. Mickey Spencer

    So cool! For Drew Tolson

  35. Stephanie Clemente

    They have them at Lowes. 🙂

  36. Steph McCumber

    Andrea Naylor!

  37. Andrea Naylor


  38. Michelle Jennifer-Marie King

    I love this 🙂

  39. Brandy Leigh

    Courtney thought you'd like this!

  40. Marilyn Hatton

    Can I buy 1?

  41. Maddie Ireland

    Where does the key go?

  42. Ana Patricia Dìaz Nùñez

    Chantal Reina o:

  43. Angela Webster

    Joanne Foote saw this and immediately thought of you 🙂

  44. Angela Webster

    Joanne Foote saw this and immediately thought of you 🙂

  45. Joanne Foote

    Thanks awsome should get some lol xxx

  46. Bert Martinez Yarbrough

    Traci Martinez for Uncle Johnny.

  47. Mandi Sharpe

    Omg I NEED one

  48. Natasha Pillai

    Deepak Malhotra instantly thought of you 😮 too bad they don't have these here!

  49. Alan Carter

    What gives? The price above is $3.99 but if you click the More Info button, it says the price is $7.99. Make up ya mind! Which price is it really?

  50. Chris Tempest

    William Jensen this is perfect for you bro

  51. Chris Tempest

    William Jensen lol it wouldn't let me tag you on the site

  52. William Jensen

    Lol. I want it!

  53. Shusharna Willis

    Simon Williams

  54. Shannon Bowman

    Pretty cool

  55. Queenie Marte

    I want one ,.

  56. Perez Gonzalez

    What!!! I want to get my husband one… he absolutely loves acoustic guitar

  57. Rosi Charnley Adkins

    How do I order some of these? Can't seem to find them anywhere.

  58. Kay Wasley Simon

    click on the picture! It takes you to a place to order them!!

  59. Robert Fields

    Sharon Wilson Fields for dad.

  60. Joyce Corbett

    Like order a guitar key

  61. Ndyia Ongaku Boissiere

    i want this for my first house lls

  62. Darren Major

    Geoff Mulholland

  63. Albert Pryor

    Yeah, but is it in tune?

  64. Heather Marie

    I have this you can get them at wal-mart

  65. Heather Marie

    Wal-Mart has them

  66. Angel Kennedy

    I have this key too…from walmart

  67. Karena Michylle


  68. Alan Brunskill

    Why does it insist on usd and will not convert to GBP

  69. Vittoria Giovanna Amarone

    Give it too me FREE PLEASE

  70. Penny Gudgel

    It says $2.99 here and $7.99 when you go to "more info" Hmmmm

  71. AshlyAnn Holcomb

    Awesome now I know where I can get these! Thanks.

  72. Mike Torok

    Tony needs one

  73. Nikki Baker

    Jax I luv U!!! Hint hint. Hahaha

  74. Gemma Louise

    Mandi sod off tryin work out how get it you then

  75. Ayesha Khan

    I checked Walmart couldn't find it there, Any specific one?

  76. Aneeq Mirza

    I want to purchase this please contact me..

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