2-In-1 Knife And Fork

Experience a new way of eating with this 2-in-1 knife and fork! Its unique design allows you to cut your food and eat it with just one piece of cutlery. Use the side of the fork in a rocking motion and watch as it glides through your food.



  1. Jlki Jlkson

    Or just use regular fork… Money saved: 24.99

  2. Christopher Muscarella

    wont the knife portion cut the sides or your mouth?

  3. Susan Renshaw

    these were out in the 70s by viners they were called splades

  4. Nick Armijo

    All I see is the joker saying " wanna know how I got these scars"

  5. Evett Fazekas

    things wrong with this : 1. its gonna cut the insides of ur mouth costs to damn much 3.i dont think someone would be that lazy

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