12 Of The Most Beautiful Trees Around the World

Trees are everywhere, so it’s no surprise that their beauty can often go unnoticed. Trees are essential to our planet in order for us to be able to breathe, so you can understand why people try to protest against cutting them down. We’ve put together a collection of beautiful trees from all over the world that are simply too beautiful to ignore. They vary in size, colors and shapes, so are all very unique in their own ways.

125+ Year Old Rhododrendon Tree, Canada

Wow! What an incredible burst of color. Imagine having this right outside of your home! Seeing this would make us happy each and every day.

large pink Rhododrendon Tree outside house

Angel Oak Tree, South Carolina

This magnificent tree has awesome branches that radiate age and strength. We love how much green there is around. Looking at this tree, we see it bursting with life.

angel oak tree

144 Year Old Wisteria Tree, Japan

Japan arguably beholds some of the most beautiful trees in the world. We can’t get enough of the colors! We would love to see a sight like this in reality. If a picture is this good, just imagine seeing this right before your eyes!

purple Wisteria beautiful trees

Do you prefer the pink or the purple?

pink Wisteria Tree night time

Japanese Maple Tree, Oregon

This color combination blows our minds! It’s crazy what nature chooses to form all by itself. It’s too easy to forget the wonderful things this world has to offer us.

multicolored japanese maple tree

Dragonblood Tree, Yemen

This tree gets its name due to the red sap it produces. Some people believe the formation that these trees grow in resembles the shape of an umbrella!

dragonblood tree with other trees and desert in back ground

Jacaranda Trees, South Africa

Jacaranda plants can be small shrubs or large trees. They can be found in numerous countries around the world including Spain, Australia, South Africa, Jamaica, Florida and many more!

jacaranda trees surrounding road with fallen leaves

Cherry Trees, Germany

Well, Germany have mastered making their streets look good! How beautiful does this road look complimented by the surrounding cherry trees? We’d love to take a walk here.

cherry trees surrounding a german street


The President: 3,200 Year Old Seqoia Tree, California

It’s pretty crazy to think of all the things that this tree (and others like it) have withstood. Just imagine being a 3000 year old human! How interesting it would be to see the world change through the eyes of a tree.

man at the top of very large seqoia tree in snowy conditions

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree, Hawaii

This tree thrives in tropical climates that get a lot of rain. The multi hued bark is the rainbow tree’s most distinctive feature, but they also grow very tall!

rainbow eucalyptus tree upwards view

Patches of the bark shed over the year at different times. When the layers peel away, you are left with fresh, new bark made up of vibrant colors.

rainbow eucalyptus tree bark close up

This tree is known by a few names… Mindanao gum, rainbow gum, rainbow eucalyptus and eucalyptus deglupta.

rainbow eucalyptus tree root close up

Baobab Trees, Madagascar

Baobabs range in height from 5-30 meters and have trunk diameters of 7-11 meters! They store huge amounts of water in their trunks to endure harsh weather conditions such as periods of drought.

baobab trees

Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

If you ever get the chance, feasting your eyes upon the impressive Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan is well worth your time! Bamboo shoots can be more fascinating than you may have originally thought!

sagano bamboo forest japan

Underwater Mangrove Tree

These salt tolerant trees have adapted to living life in harsh conditions. This includes the low oxygen levels of the waterlogged mud that surround the trees. They often stick out over the surface of the water but they look pretty cool from underneath too!

underwater mangrove tree