Disappointing Shopping Finds That Are Super Lame

For some people, shopping brings them a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction. There’s something really rewarding about treating yourself to all sorts of goodies. Now, of course, everyone’s tastes are different when it comes to what kind of items they like to purchase. However, here we have some disappointing shopping finds that we’re sure everyone will be able to agree are super lame! Take a look! 

Disappointing Shopping Finds

Are people supposed to look at this and think ‘close enough’? Would anyone buy this?!

You’ll get so much coverage from this fancy collar! 

Not the best advertisement we’ve ever seen… 

Works perfectly, as expected! 

Well, at least they’re honest…

Do you know what’s even more perfect for orange juice? Oranges. 

Except on Sundays… damn you, misleading sign! 

‘My first pool was… an utter fail’.

This store isn’t encouraging a very healthy diet! 

How to make people feel bad about themselves… 

The pressure under the sea was too much for these Spongebobs to handle. 

Because this position is the best for modelling clothes?

Not the first thing most women would choose as a surprise! 

Nothing screams good wine like a bottle with ‘why not’ on it!