12 Awesome Crochet Projects Even Beginners Can Do


If you're learning to crochet, some of the more complex patterns can be extremely intimidating. But, just because you're ready to graduate from crocheting squares, it doesn't mean you have to go straight into some mammoth project. There are plenty of interesting crochet projects that are very simple. In fact, much simpler than they look, in many cases. We've gathered together this collection of 12 awesome crochet projects that even beginners should be able to manage. Some are tougher than others, so use your judgment as to your current skill level whether you'll be able to pull it off. You don't want to bite off more than you can chew, but don't be afraid to push yourself, either! Check out these gorgeous crafts and pick one to try!


If you've got a cat at home, they'd surely appreciate this crocheted cat toy.


These baby tiaras are adorable!


A simple but practical pot holder is a great beginner crochet project.


Get organized with a sweet pencil pouch.


Crochet yourself a pair of mittens for those cold months.



This is perfect for super spoiled kitties. 


Check out this simple pattern for a beanie hat.


An adorable and neat way to save money instead of buying disposable products.


This cute butterfly is easy to make!


Could you make this in just one hour?!


DIY a case for your smart phone. 


These crochet boot cuffs are warm and stylish!

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