The Most Unusual Islands On Earth


There is something intriguing and almost mystical about islands. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they are often far away from our ‘real lives’. Set on their own, it takes exploration and purpose to visit these isolated places. Of course many of us live on islands or like to vacation on them. But the islands that we’re talking about are the ones which are still virtually unknown. Ones which have something special! Take a look at these 10 incredible islands and you’ll see just what we mean!


North Sentinel Island, India

The home of the ‘Sentineles’e tribe for 60,000 years, North Sentinel cannot be visited as anyone who sets foot there will be met by spears and arrows!

north sentinel island above


people beach sentinel


pair men beach


Tashirojima – Cat Island, Japan

One of Japan’s cat islands, Tashirojima boasts more feline than human inhabitants!

Tristan da Cunha, UK

British-owned Tristan da Cunha, situated in the South Atlantic, is home to 268 people and is the most isolated inhabited place in the world! When the island volcano erupted in 1961, inhabitants were sent to the UK until it was safe for them to return. The islanders were totally amazed as they had never seen modern technology before!

tristan de cunha from afar


Hashima Island, Japan

Hashima Island was the backdrop to some of the scenes in the James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’. The island was once named ‘Hell Island’ due to the Chinese and Korean prisoners of war who were forced to work its coal mines. The island is now a ‘UNESCO World Heritage’ site.

hashima from ocean

apartments hashima

Diavik Diamond Mine, Canada

Diavik Diamond Mine is Canada’s biggest diamond mine in terms of production of carats and is located on a 20 kilometer square island south of the Arctic Circle.

diamond mine water


diamond mine close up aerial


diamond mine map


Major Cay, Bahamas

This island is home to around 20 swimming feral pigs who are fed and looked after by tourists and locals!

Okunoshima – Rabbit Island, Japan

This awesome place used to house a secret facility which developed poisonous gas, but is now overrun with gorgeous-looking rabbits.

Bouvet Island, Norway

Bouvet Island, situated between Antarctica and South Africa is actually owned by Norway. Discovered in 1739, the island’s closest neighbor is Antarctica, which is more than 1,000 miles to the south.

bouvet island vintage


bouvet island rocks snow


bouvet island map


La Isla de las Munecas, Mexico

Las Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls) has an interesting story. It is said that the only inhabitant of the island, Don Julian Santana, found a girl’s body in the canal there. To appease her troubled spirit, he started to leave dolls around the island. The story has grown from there with people swearing that the dolls move by themselves. Scarily, Don Julian drowned in the exact same place that the young girl died.

doll hanging from tree

dolls hanging from bushes

many dolls hanging

North Brother Island, New York

Situated in the center of the East River, this abandoned island once housed VD sufferers, smallpox patients and more at the Riverdale Hospital, a noted resident being Typhoid Mary. An estimated 1,200 people also lost their lives here in a steamboat fire in 1904. The ’50s saw the place being used as a drug rehab facility, however, today the island is completely deserted.

abandoned hospital

abandoned building

abandoned medical equipment

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