19 Amazing Table Designs Every Home Needs


Tables. We all need them. We all have them. A piece of wood with four legs; that's most people's idea of a regular table. If you share this perception then prepare to be amazed! Ever seen a hippo table? Or maybe one which doubles as a huge cat toy? Esthetic and practical, these tables are works of art. Let us know which is your favorite in the comments below.


This photo album coffee table is a real talking point.


Excellent for locking away your treasures!


This Pong table is awesome!


Thankfully, the bike wheels on this table are locked!


This table is so cool!


You will never be running late again with this watch table!


Clean your shoes while you sit at this brush table.


Thousands of pieces of welded cutlery were used in making this table.


This night light table is amazing for kids and adults alike!



Made with sycamore, Japanese paper, glass, and resin, this table is a work of art.


The 'CATable' gives your feline friends hours of fun while you work. Awesome!


This bar with swinging seats looks like a lot of fun. Just don't enjoy your drinks too much or you could fall splat on the floor!


This beautiful and light reflective crystal table is captivating. The amazing colors and shapes it casts on walls need to be seen to be believed.


Ever fancied your own hippo? Make your dreams come true with this cool resin and glass coffee table.


This cool 'Illusion' table looks like it is floating in mid air. Find it here.


Bring the outdoors indoors with the 'PicNYC' table.


Love nature? This ultra cool table brings nature to your…erm…table!


Your cats will love this cool hammock table.


This cool lake table is one of the most eye-catching around. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts!

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