Cute Images Of Huskies Wearing Clothes


Who would have thought huskies would enjoy dressing up so much? The contented expressions on these dogs' faces show they obviously don't mind being outfitted in everything from "onesies", to t-shirts and jumpers.  The hilariously cute images you see below were taken by 25 year old Erica Tcogoeva, an illustrator by trade, who lives in St Petersburg. She told BoredPanda she never set out to create the below photo series, but it "just happened". A husky owner, she gave a pup to her friend three and a half years ago, and the pooch appeared to love dressing up. Since then, she's met lots of other husky owners, and her photographs of huskies dressing up have multiplied. She warns that dressing dogs up for long periods of time isn't good for their coats! Take a look at these gorgeous pics! 

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