R2-D2’s part time jobs

With the recent economy in decline, R2-D2 was forced to take on some part time work to cover his own running costs.
Our favorite is the trash can!

R2-D2 Mug

r2-d2 mug

R2-D2 makes a great ‘mug technician’ as you can place his head on top of your favorite brew to keep it warmer for longer. ”Great mug, this is.”
Find it here: R2-D2 Mug

R2-D2 USB Drive

r2-d2 usb drive

R2-D2 has a massive memory database, so large in fact he’s allowing people to upload their own files to it! So far you can store 2GB-8GB worth of data.
Find it here: R2-D2 USB Drive

R2-D2 Mini Lights

r2-d2 mini lights

R2-D2 will help guide you through your home.
Find it here: R2-D2 Mini Lights

R2-D2 Trash Can

r2-d2 trash can

Or as R2 likes to call it, ‘waste technician.’
Find it here: R2-D2 Trash Can

R2-D2 Cake Pan

r2-d2 cakepan

Although he doesn’t give out signatures to the fans, he does however allow the fans to replicate himself using cake, so they too can get a piece of the action… action being cake.
Find it here: R2-D2 Cake Pan

R2-D2 Bathrobe

r2-d2 bathrobe

Let the force keep you warm with this R2-D2 bathrobe.
Find it here: R2-D2 Bathrobe

R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

r2-d2 measuring cup set

R2-D2 lends a hand in the kitchen. One of his many hidden passions I imagine.
Find it here: R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set