These ‘Cloud Farm’ Systems Could Be The Future Of Growing Your Own Veg If You Live In An Apartment


In a world that is constantly in crisis, it's nice when people try to come up with solutions to the many problems we have. One guy, Bradley Ferrada has come up with something truly epic. Having made attempts at gardening in his apartment with small pots, and failing, he decided to put his product design expertise in to action and invent something wonderful. He calls the system 'Cloud Farm' and it comprises of a 'Nimbus – Personal Farm System' and a 'Biome – Window Greenhouse'. The plants in the Cloud Farm will grow all year round, with no soil, and huge sized produce. Bradley believes this is the way forward for growing your own food, particularly for people with apartments. It means knowing that there are no nasty extras such as pesticides or genetic modification, and let's not forget the money you will save! Check it out below!
Website: Kickstarter