R2-D2 Trash Can

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Knowing that the economy was declining, R2-D2 was forced into taking a part time job as a ''waste technician''. This R2-D2 trash can will give your star wars collection the finishing touch it needs!

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  1. Freddie Fingers

    Knowing that the economy is declining, let's charge people $268 for a trash can…….really?

    • Lehi ‘Hobotic’ Briscoe

      I was literally just thinking the exact. same. thing. xD

    • Cameron Farrow

      did you buy it anyway?

  2. David M Sutton

    Does it take out the trash for that price?

  3. Kathleen Walton-Petruzzi

    love the trashcan but no loving the price, sorry would have bought it but way too expensive even for my star wars fan.

  4. Tracy Smyth

    Yes I agree – just too expensive such a shame, a perfect gift for my hubby but way too much 🙁

  5. Joshua Ventura

    I saw your Instagram post of this R2-D2 trash can and told myself the minute I got home I was going to buy it. First and probably last time checking out your website. The pricing is ridiculous.

  6. Alan Wilkinson

    I'd absolutely love one but the price gives me a heart attack

  7. Izzy Nek Minute

    Holy shit!! Wats up wif da price, but mean invention!!

  8. Izzy Nek Minute

    Holy shit!! Wats up wif da price, but mean invention!!

  9. Heather Weber

    I was super excited till I saw the price, Holy Man Alive!

  10. Noah Alexander Lopez

    Thats amazing but no where near worth the price. Cmon a star wars fan shouldnt have to pay 107 bucks for a trash can. Not right:(

  11. Tiana Grace Fister

    Let me just save my money for 1000 years.. then I might be able to afford this.

  12. Melissa Agape Foster

    Luv it…but no where to put it.

  13. Genna Marshall-Dunn

    Col Marshall

  14. Deucomatic Threethousand


  15. Rachel Goldsworthy

    I want this so awesome

  16. Eva Marie Crafton


  17. Brandon Neil Rowe

    where do I get stuff like this?/ I'm verry cureyes.

  18. Marie Ballard

    Alittle pricey for me……….

  19. Andrew McKenzie

    Could be worse. You could be charged £267 for it…

  20. Adam Gibson

  21. Alexandra Malan


  22. Niischa Marie Lin

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, stop complaining about the prices of stuff on this website! You want special, custom-made, super awesome things, you will be charged special, custom-made, super awesome prices!(unless you buy it used or something) I understand that no one is sh*tting hundreds but, holy crap settle for a regular trash can or save up for something super cool and special! Everything on this website is basically art and paintings are not $20s…so next time you're browsing super awesome star wars life sized trash cans and don't like the pricing, shop for trash cans at walmart!

  23. Vinh Ma

    Don't worry, China will make exactly trash can and will sell for $ 10.00

  24. Jade Anthis-Rodriguez

    I think this is a little much for a trash can… if it didnt cost so much I would get this for my fiance.

  25. Billyjoe M Mikus

    Maybe for $60

  26. Corey Dickey

    Want but I'd want it larger and not for those prices. I did see on amazon there are some for 100 but still….

  27. Chris Ghramm

    I would buy it for 100 to maybe 120.

  28. Casilda Bolota

    Mr. Collins.. I thought of you.

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