12 Celebrities Who Completely Failed At Social Media


Years ago who would have imagined being able to keep up to date minute by minute with our favorite celebs? Thanks to social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, that dream of many has now become a reality. The one problem for the famous though is that they really need to think through every little detail of what they post because once something incriminating is online, someone somewhere will screenshot it! Take a look!


Ashton Kutcher defends Penn State coach Joe Paterno who was fired for turning a blind eye to serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky.

ashton kutcher tweet


Once an up-and-coming politician, Anthony Weiner posted a particularly revealing photo of himself on Twitter by accident. Now he has disappeared into obscurity!

anthony weiner sexting


Oprah made the mistake of promoting the 'Microsoft Surface' while Tweeting from her 'Apple' device!?

oprah tweet


Remember that one time, convicted woman abuser Chris Brown compared himself to Jesus?

chris brown jesus


C'mon Beyonce, that thigh gap is Photoshopped.




That one time Robin Thicke got totally caught out via Instagram. He and his wife divorced shortly afterwards.

robin thicke


When Madonna posted a photo of her then 13-year-old son Rocco, posing with alcohol.

madonnas son


Bow Wow once Tweeted about driving under the influence. This resulted in his issuing a formal apology as well as deleting his Twitter account.

bow wow drunk tweet



kris jenner gordon ramsay
Instagram / Instagram


Kim Kardashian caused an uproar when she posted a selfie on Instagram with her daughter cut out of it!

kim kardashian


On the day of what would have been singer Aaliyah's 35th birthday, Kelly Rowland and Beyonce posted the same picture which they were both in with the deceased star. Beyonce, however, cut Kelly out of her version of the photo. Awkward!

beyonce cuts kelly


Around the time of the 2011 Tsunami which hit Japan, voice of the 'Aflac' duck Gilbert Gottfried made some incredibly distasteful and insensitive jokes about the disaster. Needless to say, he was promptly fired.

gottfried text

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