16 Photos That Will Make Your Blood Boil With Rage

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Let the pairing game begin! It’s a tough game, right? Imagine doing this on a regular basis. Ask your Mom how frustrating it is.

Reddit | woja111

Something seems out of place here. Is it those nail polish? I don’t know but I feel there’s something more that shouldn’t be here.

Reddit | Greengiant003

What’s the use of peeling off a fruit then putting them in a plastic container? Is it to keep them fresh? How about leaving their natural rinds to cover them instead?

Reddit | MysticOfTime

It’s either that car is a tree-magnet or a bad-luck-magnet.

tree falling on a car annoying pics
Reddit | walkingupstream

The amount of plastic used in the making of this product is insane. The environment is going to loathe this thing.

Reddit | Woody1992

No one wants to be in this tight situation. Unless you can figure out how to get pass through those things before you.

Reddit | quick711

Let me get this straight. The number 10 in English language means different when translated to Spanish. I know it sounds crazy but this is what this instruction is telling me.

Reddit | Jobyn

When you’re too close to capturing an epic moment of reaching the 88888 miles but you messed up in some ways and missed the chance. Look at the bright side, there’s still that 99999 to aim for.

Reddit | karp74

These playing cards are a pain in the eye.  Why did they make it so hard to distinguish the usual symbols?

Reddit | hesaidshutup

It’s impossible to please everybody, you just can’t. Even if they admit they like what you did, they still won’t give you that coveted 5-stars for some silly reasons.

Reddit | objectiveandbiased

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