These Gremlin Cakes By Christine McConnell Could Be The Most Awesome Cakes Ever Created


Artist, photographer and avid baker Christine H McConnell, has created what may well be the most awesome cakes ever. As a tribute to one of her favorite movies, she has even created a photo-story involving her creations. For anyone who has been a hermit for the past 30 years or so, the Gremlins Christine modeled her cakes on, first appeared in the movie of the same name in 1984. Who could forget Gizmo the little singing Mogwai? All we can say about her cakes is that they are totally awesome, take a look!

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Here are some of the ingredients…

creating gizmo cake


…Rambo Gizmo!

gizmo cake


The little guy is made from a very tasty sounding caramel pecan turtle cake. Even though his eyes look very real, they're made from modeling chocolate. They get their shine from a clear piping gel which is laid over the top.

woman gizmo cake


Uh-oh what's happened here?

cookies spilled milk



Maybe she shouldn't have baked a Gremlin cake too!

gremlin cake


Here are the ingredients she used.

gremlin cake making


He must have been terrifying!

woman knife


That Gremlin's back to his old tricks again!

woman tied gizmo gremlin fight


Gizmo will save the day…

gizmo smoke


…won't he?

gremlin fire

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