Photographer Jenny O’Connor Snaps 60 Women At Age 60


As Kiwi photographer Jenny O'Connor approached the milestone age of 60 she felt she was entering an important period of transition, one she describes in an article on BoredPanda as being "different to others before…more certain in some ways, but less certain in others." She wondered how other women her age were feeling and so decided to create a photo series, featuring portraits of 60 women aged 60. She took the first photograph in March 2012 and the last in June 2013. The results are inspiring, and have since been turned into a book. Check out some of the amazing images below!

Website: visibleat60


Valerie Smith


Ro Cambridge


Lynne Klap


Taape O'Reilly


Emma Jones



Sandy Waddell


Sharon Hollis


Julia Bracegirdle


Ros Rice


Mandy Preston


Janice Hill

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