11 Things You’ll Understand If You Don’t Do Mornings


Some rare unicorn-type folks out there are what they call morning people, who just jump out of bed and can miraculously function and make pancakes and all those other things you've heard rumors that people do in the morning. But, personally, you'll never know because mornings are just not your strong point. And, you really mean that when you say it. You're not one of those people who say they don't do mornings just because they have to hit snooze on their alarm a couple of times before they hop out of bed. Nope, yours is more of a deep, existential morning angst, and you have to do it every day. These are eleven things you'll understand if you truly hate mornings. Take a look!


It doesn't matter if you have to get up at 6 or 10, mornings are literally the worst part of your day.

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You spend your snooze time lamenting everything wrong with the world that makes it so we have to get out of bed and earn a living.

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You have different ideas than most people about what constitutes a reasonable time to wake up.




It doesn't matter why you have to get up… Got work? Not worth it… and what would really happen if you didn't pay rent?

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Got classes? No friggin' way…

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Meeting friends? You can find new friends!



This pretty much describes the first hour or so that you're awake.

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You don't understand why people say "good morning" since it is clearly an oxymoron.



You're not one of those cutesy people who are okay after they've had their morning coffee.



You require more like ten cups, and this is how you take them…



Every single morning, even though you know you'll be fine in a few hours, you just can't wait to get back into bed at night.

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