This Is What Happens When You Leave Your Kids Alone For A Few Minutes

We all know that kids can do unexpected things. You leave them for just a few minutes, then…BAM! Something bad is going on. Of course, kids are meant to be supervised as much as possible but it’s not realstic to watch them every single moment of every day! This is what could happen when you leave your kids alone for just a moment! 

What a pose! She’s killing it!

Just blending in perfectly. Milk is milk.

A little warning for parents out there: never turn your back when shopping with kids.

No one can expect what kids are thinking…

Oh, just doing the usual… some kind of ritual before eating dinner.

Kids are bound to get themselves in situations we’ll never understand how.

Who needs a stuffed toy when you’ve got a whole jar full of peanuts!

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You know your baby’s up to no good when you leave them and they’re just quiet.

“Mommy, mommy! How’s my make up?”

It’s hard to deny it when the force is strong with you from the day you were born.

The perfect hideout! Only pros play hide-and-seek like she does.

Fun times. 

Your feet can do so much more than just walking.

Someone’s tired from messing up the entire bathroom.

You would do anything for your children… no matter how annoying it can be.

Babies can make great looking aliens.

I’m guessing her favorite character is the person who’s getting exorcised.

She just wants to get a closer look.