10 Hotels With Inappropriate Names That You’d Love To Send A Postcard From


Virtually everyone looks forward to staying in a hotel. Whether for work or pleasure, the idea of staying in a comfortable hotel bed, with your body enveloped by crisp white cotton sheets, is divine! There's also the added bonus of being waited on for breakfast and not having to lift a finger to cook anything yourself. Yes, hotels can be pretty awesome! Which makes us wonder whether the name of a hotel has any bearing on what lies within. If it does, then these 10 bizarrely named hotels could hold some very strange secrets! Take a look!


Germ-phobics must visit this place often.


Well, at least it has a spa!


This seems like an interesting place to visit!



At least they're honest!




This sounds like a welcoming place!


This hotel name might give passers-by the wrong idea altogether!


We're thinking that this must be a mistranslated word for 'beach'.




And finally, this looks like an awesome vacation spot!

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