17 Images Of People Who Aren’t Bothered About What Others Think

Sometimes, we just can’t be bothered to do something properly, or “the right way”. We may simply be feeling lazy that day, or maybe “lazy” is just the way we do things. The 18 people you see below certainly couldn’t care less what people think about their unusual approaches to doing regular things.  So if you need motivation to do something the “wrong” way, then check ’em out! Hilarious!

This guy takes the walking out of “dog walking”…at least for himself!

These people aren’t gonna let a little flooding get in the way of their crab eating ways!

This guy couldn’t care less who sees him “reading” his Playboy! 

This guy is riding in style and he couldn’t care less if you think it’s weird!

This guy couldn’t be bothered to buy a ticket and he couldn’t care less!

This 99 year old woman just can’t be bothered with working out today.

This driver just couldn’t be bothered to put up the hood. Even though its snowing!

This girl couldn’t be bothered telling people that she’s lazy so she lets her t-shirt do the talking.

This person just couldn’t be bothered getting dressed, like everyone else.

These people will take a bath wherever they feel like it, thank you very much!

This motorbike rider couldn’t be bothered with little things like safety measures.

This guy in the yoga class just couldn’t be bothered.

This fully grown adult couldn’t be bothered walking round the supermarket like a normal person.

This baby couldn’t be bothered to be scared!

Riding in style! 

This guy couldn’t be bothered bringing an umbrella with him so when it rained, he just made do with what he could find!

This person just couldn’t be bothered to engage their brain, so they simply rounded up!

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